B19: fread bug (NT and 95)

Michael Weiser michael@weiser.saale-net.de
Sun Sep 13 16:41:00 GMT 1998

Hello Salumax, you wrote:
>   I found a bug with the fread instruction... In the C codes that I
>wrote, the fread instruction, not reads all the bytes of the image that
>I try to read... For example, when I execute the program "hola.c" that I
>include with this e-mail, and I try to read the image "lenna.dat" (64
>kb), hola.exe only reads 28 bytes of lenna.dat. What's the matter ?...
Just try to open the file in binary mode ("rb"). Perhaps there's a ^Z
at byte 29 of your file which causes fread to stop. Alternatively you
can mount all your drives in binary mode which causes cygwin32 to
assume "b" if no mode is given explicitly.
bye, Michael
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