Window Managers under Windows

Mon Sep 14 00:03:00 GMT 1998

David H. Friedman wrote:

>On Mon, 7 Sep 1998, Ilsundal <> wrote:

>> I cannot seem to get another window manager running.  I get a generic"
>> Cannot load, another WM is running;" I'm assuming this other WM that is
>> running is infact Windows itself

>Which X server are you using?

>I use Exceed, a commercial X server that has two modes.  In one mode, X
>apps appear as native windows.  In this mode Exceed acts as the WM, so
>trying to start another results in an error.  In the other mode, Exceed
>does not provide WM functions.  In this mode you can run another WM, but X
>apps can only appear as child windows inside the Exceed parent window.

that's not correct. the single/multiple window mode to which you refer
does not control which window manager runs. exceed has three window
management options:

    Native            (MS manages windows)
    X                 (WM of your choice)
    Default to Native (MS manages windows until you start WM of your choice).

the last option is the most useful.

to turn this option on, look in:

  Exceed Toolbar ->
    Configuration ->
      Screen Definition ->
        Window Manager ->
          Default to Native (<- the good one)


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