I: gcc ... -U_WIN32 ... may cause problems

raf raf@comdyn.com.au
Mon Sep 14 00:09:00 GMT 1998

Earnie wrote:
>---raf <raf@comdyn.com.au> wrote:
>> Earnie wrote:
>> >The `argument' I have for removing the _WIN32 from cygwin32 (I'll
>> >with mingw32) is that there exists code that already has some porting
>> >to WIN32 and it gets in the way of wanting to build the __UNIX__
>> >version under WIN32.  Since this is the goal of the Cygnus Project
>> >then it would be best served to remove the definitions of _WIN32.
>> <opinion>
>> but what if someone *wants* to compile the win32 version with gcc?
>> what's wrong with that?
>> the problem is that these applications of which you speak can't
>> tell the difference between win32-only, unix-only and unix-plus-win32.
>> they really should (sooner or later).
>> so a better plan is to make the appropriate changes to each of these
>> applications and send patches back to their authors.
>> what you suggest condones/supports ignorance of the cygwin32 platform
>> on the part of software developers. who does that serve?
>> </opinion>

>Your opinion is certainly valid.  However, I can always add -D_WIN32
>in that case.  The original poster to this thread had a problem where
>the cygwin supplied header was dependent upon _WIN32 being defined and
>couldn't easily do the reverse; I.E.: -U_WIN32.  Since the main reason
>for cygnus is to provide a `UNIX' flavor to WIN32 providing the
>necessary POSIX routines to allow me to build a `UNIX' created package
>without having to do a lot of recoding then I should not be forced to
>turn off or undefine macros that are WIN32 specific.  And I definitely
>shouldn't be concerned with errors in product supplied headers caused
>by undefining such a macro when that product is to be used to easily
>build non-WIN32 code.

true. both options should be equally simple to perform.
i didn't realise this was about internal dependencies.


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