[ANN] optimised bash for cygwin

Trevor Yann TYann@vet.com.au
Mon Sep 14 00:09:00 GMT 1998

I would like the changes to be tested a bit before they suggesting that
they get folded into the version of bash that Cygnus has.

In particular it would be great to find out how well the modified bash
works under Windows NT and Windows 95 (with and without the USB patch).
Most of my testing was under Windows 98, where I found no problems.

Feedback on differences in performance would be most welcome too. For my
testing I would install bash as /bin/sh.exe, and do a configure. I tried
this with both the B19 bash, and with my modified bash. When doing a
configure of Patch on my Pentium 120 I found that using the b19 bash
took about 186 seconds, and with my modified bash it took 178 seconds.
Only a modest improvement, but it all helps.

Note that the modified bash uses spawn instead on fork/exec only some of
the time. There are some other situations where spawn could be used
(instead of fork/exec), but I need to do further testing to see whether
the extra complexity is worthwhile.

If there is favourable feedback I will work toward getting the changes
incorporated into both the Cygnus bash and the mainline bash.

Dr. Volker Zell wrote:
> Hi
>     >> There is now a modified bash executable available from Sergey's
>     >> web page:
>     >>  http://www.lexa.ru/sos
>     >> This is a modified bash 2.02.1 that includes optimisations to
>     >> increase performance (by doing a spawn instead of a fork/exec
>     >> under some conditions). It also contains modifications by Chris
>     >> Faylor that prevent bash pausing to look for mail, and address
>     >> other problems related to the HOME environment variable not
>     >> being set.
> Will these changes show up in upcoming releases of bash ??? Or is it a
> one time only modification ?? For example will these modifications
> show up in the upcoming cygnus b20 release ?
> Ciao
>   Volker
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