Console speed

Jan Tomasek
Mon Sep 14 14:37:00 GMT 1998

I read documetation of vim-5.0 for Win32 and I found this:

Q. Why does the Win32 version of Vim update the screen so slowly on
Windows 95?
A. The support for Win32 console mode applications is very buggy in
   For some unknown reason, the screen updates very slowly when Vim is
run at
   one of the standard resolutions (80x25, 80x43, or 80x50) and the
16-bit DOS
   version updates the screen much more quickly than the Win32 version.
   However, if the screen is set to some other resolution, such as by
   columns=100" or ":set lines=40", screen updating becomes about as
fast as
   it is with the 16-bit version.

I test it and realy speed diference is big!

Question is, if is posible to change no of lines of bash window?
I test program 'stty rows=45' with no result.

I try to run vim form bash, set no of lines and exit, but something
(vim?) set back original size.

Any ideas?

                            Jan Tomasek,          student FEL-CVUT

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