Michael Weiser michael@weiser.saale-net.de
Mon Sep 14 14:37:00 GMT 1998

Hello Sergey, you wrote:
[three X11's]
>"Core" X libraries in all three packages are the same and are based on my 
>X11 patch. The package(s) on my web site are pure X11R6.X distributions, 
>but the ones on Andy's and Arlindo's sites includes some additional X 
>libraries (lesstiff and libXpm, for example) and prorams. My R6.4 patch 
>includes some additional changes not found in R6.3 patch.
Are there any plans to merge the three versions? IMHO it would be nice
to have your latest changes, Andy's XEmacs changes and Arlindo's fvwm2
in one package for example. :)
bye, Michael
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