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At the very least, many individuals prefer to retain X11R6.3 instead 
of the newer version. This is due to The Open Group's new, more 
restrictive licensing, see http://www.xfree86.org for more detail.

I am uncertain as to the reason for two X11R6.3 ports.

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Hello folks,

I'm just wondering why there are three ports of X11 to cygwin32.
There's X11R6.3 ported by Andy Piper and Arlindo da Silva and X11R6.4
ported by Sergey Okhapkin. As I want to include something about that
in the mini FAQ: Could someone (especially the porters of course :)
explain me, why they exist and which one is going to be the 'standard'
X11 package for cygwin32. Also I would like to know, which one is the
most advanced and/or newbie-friendly. I would also be interested in
pages where configuration information for cygwin32 can be found.

Thanks in advance.
bye, Michael
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