Anders Norlander
Tue Sep 15 12:56:00 GMT 1998

On Sat, 12 Sep 1998, Ben Elliston wrote:

> It's well documented that the ``TryEnterCriticalSection'' API function is
> not available on Win32s and Win95/98.  I don't know if that means that the
> function doesn't exist in any library, or if the function should exist in 
> a library, but be implemented to return some error code at runtime.  I
> believe it is the latter.  In which case, can anyone explain why this
> function is missing from the kernel32 stub library?

The reason it is not in the import library, is
probably because it is a quite new function and
not documented in older docs. If you link an app
that uses `TryEnterCriticalSection' and try to
run it under W95 you'll get a message telling you
that it the function does not exist (don't know
about W98 though). So if you want your apps to run
under both W95 and NT shouldn't use it, otherwise
it is easy to add it to your `libkernel32.a', just
rebuild the whole library after adding
`TryEnterCriticalSection@4' to the list of exports.

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