Egcs 1.1 having trouble with 'typename'?

Michael D. Hill
Tue Sep 15 19:33:00 GMT 1998

Environment: Win95, Cygwin32 19.1, latest Coolview, Egcs 1.1


I have a small program that was compiling okay with egcs 1.0.2.  I've just
upgraded to 1.1 and the compiler's having a hard time, seemingly in coping
with the typename keyword.  Here's the first couple of compile erros I'm

g++/stl_iterator.h:319: parse error before `&'
g++/stl_iterator.h:319: `back_insert_iterator<Container>::operator =(...)' must
take exactly one argument

In both of these locations a typename is being identified or used.  

I just *know* this is something silly, and that I'm gonna be embarassed when
I realize what silly compiler switch or #define or whatever that I should be
using.  But meanwhile, I'm desperate enough to ask out loud:  Does the egcs
1.1 actually have support for typename and explicit, and is it possible my
stl_config.h isn't set up right?


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