Make and command execution

Sujoy Mitra
Tue Sep 15 19:33:00 GMT 1998


The e-mail is with reference to make in the b19 release. I always have
MAKE_MODE set to unix.

Consider the rules:


    ( perlscript )

Here perlscript is a PERL5 script. The SHELL variable is set to a non
GNUWIN32 (tcsh) shell.

The lib1 target fails with:
Can't open perl script "perlscript": No such file or directory

How did make know that "perlscript" was a PERL script? If it actually
opened up the file and intuited it from the #! line then why does it say
"No such file or directory"?

But lib2 executes perfectly!

Can anyone explain this?

Sujoy Mitra.

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