less and [D

Michael Weiser michael@weiser.saale-net.de
Tue Sep 15 22:20:00 GMT 1998

Hello Jan, you wrote:
>> >2. Is chance to make bash faster? I unset MAILCHECK but it's
>> >   still slow. When I press right arrow key bash will print [D,
>> What exactly do you mean? Are there pauses or is it just incredibly
>> slow?
>By slow I mean console speed I wrote about my discover in mail 'Console 
Oh, yes, you're using Win95! Sorry, I forgot. :-/

All cygwin32 apllications are Win32 console applications and, as
written somewhere in vim's README, support for Win32 console
applications isn't that great in Windows 95. So you will unfortunately
have to live with that until Microsoft improves it or change to WinNT.
There's no other way AFAIK.

BTW: As I don't run Win98 (yet), I don't know whether support for
console applications was improved there. Does anyone know?

>	at begin I've this line, cursor is on end of line
>		~$ ls -l /usr/local
>	I press three times right arrow
You mean left arrow, don't you?

>		~$ ls -l /usr/local
>	cursor is STIL at end of line, I press 'normal' key "-"
>	and resul is 
>		~$ ls -l /usr/lo-cal
>	cursor is on right place ???
Oh, that sounds strange! Cursor keys work quite great for me.

But there's one thing that could be related to your problem: When I'm
at the beginning of a line and press the cursor right key quickly and
several times, the cursor disappears and moves without being shown. It
appaers again about half a second after the last key press but at the
right place in the line.

Perhaps that's quite the same for you but a bit slower because of your

BTW: This doesn't happen if I move the cursor to the left. (?)
>> Some special keys have to be defined in ~/.inputrc to work. For me
>I create .inputrc in my home but it have no efect to problem.
>	set enable-keypad On
>	set meta-flag On
>	set convert-meta Off
>	set output-meta On
>	"\e[3~": delete-char
>	"\e[4~": end-of-line
Do you have an /etc/termcap?
man liest sich, Michael
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