B19.1:bind will not bind usinf the -f option.

Alex Wykel awykel@channelpoint.com
Wed Sep 16 13:33:00 GMT 1998

When binding keys using the -f option (filename) the command appears to 
read the file which is passed but none of the bindings from the file are 

To reproduce:
Create a bind file:

$ bind -p > keybinding.out

Then edit the output file change one of the bindings.  I changed the 
beginning-of-line to "\e[1~"  or the [HOME] key on my computer.  Then I 
saved the file. And tried to use the '-f' option and pass the file to bind.

$ bind -f keybinding.out

Upon trying to use the new binding nothing happened.  Investigating the 
binding for the function showed that the new binding was never made.

$ bind -q beginning-of-line
beginning-of-line can be invoked via "\C-a"

Using the normal bind procedure works fine.

I also noticed that if you process the command from within EMACS using the 
-p option there is no output.  I have not experimented with this enough to 
figure out what the problem is.

-Alex Wykel
Test Engineer
ChannelPoint Inc.

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