Linking with Borland C

Anders Norlander
Wed Sep 16 13:33:00 GMT 1998

Félix Valado Pomarinho wrote:
>         Hello,
>         I'm more or less aware of the troubles linking gcc DLL's using
> VC++. I am trying to use a gcc DLL created with the dllhelper utility
> in a program that's compiled using Borland C and I'm having a lot of
> problems.
>         2) If it not possible the dynamic linkage, can I get some kind
> of static library (such as .lib) out of gcc, so I can link it using
> Borland C?
Borland C/C++ (at least up to 5.01, don't know about C++ builder) uses
the OMF format for object files so it would be impossible to link
the object code anyway.

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