RPM version 2.5.3

David Fox dsfox@cogsci.ucsd.edu
Wed Sep 16 21:23:00 GMT 1998

I'm releasing another version of RPM for cygwin32.  I believe that the
problems those brave souls who tried version 2.4.109 had were related
to the non-existance of certain directories that the Unix version of
RPM expects.  I've put in explicit messages in this version that
request the creation of any missing directories, and the tar file
should contain all the required directories anyway.  I'm uploading it
to my new FTP area:


It was built on a windows 95 system, and it seems to work under NT as
well.  It assumes that cygwin32 was installed in /Cygnus/B19, and you
should unpack the tar.gz file in the root directory.

I've also installed this version of RPM on an NT system that didn't
have cygwin32 installed and it seemed to work, though I didn't
actually install any RPMS there.  If you want to do this you'll at
least need to copy the following files:


and you'll need to create these directories:


After that you're pretty much on your own - many rpms require lots
of unix infra-structure.  But let me know what happens in any case.
David Fox          http://www.cat.nyu.edu/fox		xoF divaD
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