Ben Elliston
Thu Sep 17 07:14:00 GMT 1998

> TryEnterCriticalSection is not defined in the version of kernel32.dll under
> windows 95.


> Now, if Mumit would add an entry to the import libraries, this would make
> the linker happy but... at run time your program would not load and you 
> would get a dialog box with
> foo.exe is linked to missing export TryEnterCriticalSection.

I'm not so sure about that (others will prove me right or wrong here), but
you'll only get a runtime load error if foo.exe actually wants to use
TryEnterCriticalSection, right?

If that's the case, then nothing is lost--you just don't get the error
detection so early in the build process.

> Another, solution, is the one that lcc-win32 has used: If a function exists,
> it is included in the import library. If you use TryEnterCriticalSection with
> lcc-win32 you will see no errors at link time, but your program will NOT load
> under windows 95/windows NT 3.51.

Right.  So what's the difference between what you've just said will happen
and what lcc-win32 does?  Apparently nothing.

Users of this import library will have to take the same precautions as if
they were trying to avoid a linker error.

> If you have problems with this approach, I recommend you to spend the US$ 2.000
> and get Visual Studio professional 6.0.

You are joking, right?

> There, you will get everything you need and much (MUCH) more.

Too much more.

Cheers, Ben

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