TryEnterCritical (was Re: libkernel32a.lib (fwd))

Michael Weiser
Thu Sep 17 07:14:00 GMT 1998

Hello Paul, you wrote:
>	The implementation of 'TryEnterCritical', judging by the dates of the .dlls 
>that the function was actually found in, was moved by MS from the old 
>mapi32 implementation (not necessarily a Win32 API implementation) into 
>the kernel32.dll.  MS has always been way behind when it comes to 
>implementing traditional Unix APIs, such as Mapi...
Isn't MAPI just Microsoft's Mail API which is used to modularize Mail

>> >  I believe it is the latter.  In which case, can anyone
>> > explain why this function is missing from the kernel32 stub library?
>	Apparently, judging from what Ben has said above, Win95/98 and 
>Win3.11 (win32s) kernel implementation are sufficiently different that MS had 
>to use some other form of 'TryEnterCritical'.  If 'TryEnterCritical' exists in any 
>form under non-NT4 Win32 systems, it is probably called something else 
>entirely.  At this point, there is every reason to believe that "TryEnterCritical" 
>function is only available with(via) the MS Mapi API update for all pre-NT4 
>Win32 system implementations.
It *is* not available on non Windows NT 4.0 systems. (But I don't know
about Win98 because my MSDN subscription ended in January 98.)
bye, Michael
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