[HELP] Loading Mingw32 built DLLs into an MSVC application (again)

Gilles Depeyrot Gilles.Depeyrot@wanadoo.fr
Thu Sep 17 15:06:00 GMT 1998

Hello everyone,

I've been trying on and off for several months to create a DLL
using egcs and loading it into an MSVC 5.0 compiled application
under Windows 95.

The problem I am encountering is that I succeed in building a
relocatable DLL (at least I think it is) with egcs and have no
problem loading it either with a small test program compiled
either with egcs or with MSVC.

However, I have never succeeded in loading my sample DLL into
my real life application. LoadLibrary returns NULL and GetLastError
returns 0 !

My previous tests had failed with egcs 1.0.3.

Following the release if egcs-1.1 for win32, I downloaded and
installed the package, updated my makefiles to use the new
dllwrap and dlltool utilities and recreated my DLL with no
problems (egcs even understands __declspec(dllexport) attributes
now :-).

I can load the DLL into my small test program whether compiled
with egcs or MSVC but I still cannot load it into my application.

So my tests have failed with egcs 1.1 and I still cannot load the
DLL into my application.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be ? I somewhat
suspect it is related to the size of my application (2 Mb) and
maybe a DLL relocation problem but I have no idea where to look
for the problem.

Thanks for any help,

Gilles Depeyrot                    < mailto:Gilles.Depeyrot@wanadoo.fr >
                             < http://perso.wanadoo.fr/gilles.depeyrot >

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