environment space limit in cygwin32?

Michael Weiser michael@weiser.saale-net.de
Thu Sep 17 17:09:00 GMT 1998


Is there any limit in cygwin's or bash's space for environment

I'm encountering a really sophisticated problem dealing with such a
limit here: When I tried to run the client of freeciv-1.7.1 (a free
civilization clone for UN*X systema with X11) I always got a
STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error until I removed some variables from my
environment. The compilation itself went smoothly without any errors
or warnings. But when my environment is about 2100 bytes in size, the
program core dumps with STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION on startup. If I strip
it down to about 2000 bytes everything works great.

I'm running cygwin32 b19 with Sergey's latest coolview and Arlindo da
Silva's X11R6.3 on binary mounts and CYGWIN32=tty binmode. The X
server is StarNet's XWin32 4.1 Demo.

Any ideas?

PS: I'll check MS's Knowledge Base now, to see if there's some limit
in WinNT and post any information I get.
bye, Michael
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