compiling EGCS probleme

Mumit Khan
Thu Sep 17 19:46:00 GMT 1998

On Thu, 17 Sep 1998, John Mamer wrote:

> Hi!
>   After a successful configure, compilation of EGCS-1.1 stopped
> while compilincollect2.c withcpp.exe: Invalid option '-remap'.  Any
> ideas?
> It seemed to produce a large number of
> executables (like xgcc.exe). Using gnuwin32 B19 on a NT box.  Configure
> target was i686-pc-cygwin32.
> I am lost.

Without more information, it is very hard to tell what's going on. The
-remap option was added not too long ago to support filename mapping in
cpp via "header.gcc", and you might have trouble bootstrapping using an
older compiler.

Why don't you provide a bit more info on exactly what you're doing? eg.,
what is the version of gcc that you're using to bootstrap (you *are*
running ``make bootstrap'', right), etc.


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