B19.1:bind will not bind usinf the -f option.

Michael Weiser michael@weiser.saale-net.de
Thu Sep 17 20:10:00 GMT 1998

Hello Alex, you wrote:
>Upon trying to use the new binding nothing happened.  Investigating the 
>binding for the function showed that the new binding was never made.
bind works quite perfect for me. If I create some file containing

"\e[120~":	beginning-of-line

(yes, I know, it's bogus :) and then run 'bind -f bindings-file' I get

michael@NARGOTHROND:/mnt/f/home/michael >bind -f bindings-file
michael@NARGOTHROND:/mnt/f/home/michael >bind -q beginning-of-line
beginning-of-line can be invoked via "\C-a", "\e[120~", "\e[1~".
michael@NARGOTHROND:/mnt/f/home/michael >

C-a and \e[1~ are predefined in my /etc/inputrc and automatically
bound on every start of bash. If you want to remove those already
existing definitions, you will have to use 'bind -r "\C-a"' for

Hope that helps.
bye, Michael
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