vi and xterm

Charles G Waldman
Fri Sep 18 09:53:00 GMT 1998

John vanVlaanderen writes:

 > How do I get a vi or any other editor running in my xterm window.

Get a decent "/etc/termcap" and make sure TERM is set appropriately.
I have /etc/termcap cribbed from a Linux box and "TERM" is set to
"xterm".  The relevant section from /etc/termcap is pasted below.

Make sure your CYGWIN32 variable is set to include the "tty" option
I have CYGWIN32="binmode notitle ntea tty"

Make sure you have updated the Cygwin32 DLL to Sergei Okhapin's
"Coolview" release or the 19.4 version from Andy Piper's site.

If you want the xterm to come up with vi already running, 
do something like "xterm (your favorite xterm options) -e vi"

 > Having done that I can walk into my new boss's office with a big
 > grin.

Don't grin too big, or else the program you are trying to show him is
bound to crash or hang embarrassingly ;-)

>From /etc/termcap:

# Entry for an xterm. Insert mode has been disabled.
vs|xterm|vs100|xterm terminal emulator (X Window System):\

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