Problem with a header file

Benjamin Riefenstahl
Fri Sep 18 10:04:00 GMT 1998

Hi Earnie,

> > Dr. Volker Zell wrote:
> > > The problem is in the oratypes.h include file:
> > > ...
> > >   typedef unsigned _int64 ub8;

> ---Benjamin Riefenstahl <> wrote:
> > Anyway, for a better fix change the code to this:
> >    typedef unsigned long long ub8;

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> Why not do:
> typedef long long _int64;
> ?!?!

Indeed that was my first idea, too. But note that Volker needed the
unsigned version and there things get messy, because

  typedef long long __int64;
  typedef unsigned __int64 ub8;

is illegal, so it would not have helped in this case.

Instead one could probably do

  #define __int64 long long

If this has no undesirable side effects, this could even be put on the
compiler command line or in the specs file.

so long, benny
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