CYGWIN32 beta 19 - Problem with MAKE

Thys van der Merwe
Fri Sep 18 12:44:00 GMT 1998


I've just subscribed to this list and haven't had much time to read any
messages.  In fact I only received the first message from thi list about
5 minutes ago.

I've downloaded the file CDK.EXE and installed it as was described in
the FAQ.  However, when I'm in the BASH shell and in the directory where
my makefile is, type MAKE, I get the following message:

(C:\CYGNUS\H-i368-CYGWIN32\BIN\MAKE.EXE 1002)Exception:
(C:\CYGNUS\H-i386-CYGWIN32\BIN\MAKE.EXE 1002)Dumping stack trace to
MAKE.EXE core.

I'm using WIN95 on a 486 notebook :)

If anyone can give me a few pointers, I would be very greatful.

Thys van der Merwe

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