NT inetd (remote.tar.gz) questions; archive search down

Steve Morris smorris@xionics.com
Fri Sep 18 22:21:00 GMT 1998

Argh!! The search function is temporarily disabled for the archives. I know
these questions are answered in the archives somewhere. 

Please feel free to point me to documentation. Give me advice today and you
help me today. Give me a pointer to documentation and you help me for life. Or
is that fish. ;)

On Sergey's web page he says:
> How to run inetd:
> ...
> Windows NT: remove "Simple TCP/IP services" (if any) - inetd have the same
> functionality built-in. 
> Start /usr/local/sbin/inetd as a service using srvany utility from Windows NT
> Resource Kit, or freeware AutoexNT or invoker utility. Inetd should be started
> with "-d" option (see corresponding manuals how to provide command line
> options for started applications). You will have no easy ability to stop inetd
> service running without -d option (kill from resource kit will help you). 

Ok so far.

> The account of a service must have a valid cygwin's mount table.

1) How is the account of a service determined. I see no reference to it in the
   service control. Should I create a special account just for inetd? Does
   this help me control security? Or do I just use the administrators account?
   I will be up 24x7 so security will be an important issue.

2) How do I create mount tables for various accounts? Actually what I really
   want to know is where is the cygwin mount behavior documented. I have been
   meaning to figure out how to switch to binary mounts anyway. So far I have
   a vanilla install with whatever mount table the install gave me. Since I
   have only a large C: drive this works but is probably not optimal.

3) As long as I am asking, where is the documentation for the cygwin32
   environment variables? I see them mentioned often on this list but I have
   never seen the doc.

4) Is this the same inetd package that comes with linux. Can I use that doc to
   figure out configuration issues?

Thanks and sorry for cluttering the bandwidth with previously answered

Steve Morris
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