Shortcuts and shortcuts do not mix [Was: cd'ing to a shortcut]

Matthew O. Persico
Fri Sep 18 22:21:00 GMT 1998

Can someone explain why both of these fail:

Under cygnus using bash:

cd /opt/persicom
ln -s /opt/Cygnus/B19/cygnus.bat .

Under Explorer, I drab and drop a Windows NT shortcut for the same file
to the same place. It is named cygnus.bat.lnk

Then, using an xemacs built with VC++ 5.0 I do:L

	xemacs cygnus.bat*

I get two buffers:

cygnus.bat contains:


cygnus.bat.lnk has one line of line noise like:



Now, I could see the ln -s link not working 'cause I built xemacs in NT
land, not cygnus land. But then why doesn't the windows link work right?

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