Problem with du

Juha Jäykkä
Sat Sep 19 08:58:00 GMT 1998

On NT Server 4SP3+some hotfixes, the following occurs when executing du:
Only the size of the first few directores are displayed. For the rest of
them, du says "du: d:\/WINNT: No such file or directory" although the first
ones have been shown correctly. The command "du" has been run from 4nt shell,
not bash. I have not tested under bash. Under NT's cmd.exe the result is
identical. If the first directories encountered contain subdirectories they
will be displayed correctly.
  I have tried to give du parameters in DOS (\) and unix (/) fashions but
none works. Moreover, if I run "du ..", "du ../" or "du ..\" it will show the
usage of the current (!!!) directory alone. Not a desired behaviour.
  All the directories have the same permissions, owners and attributes.
Anyone got any ideas?

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