CYGWIN32 beta 19 - Problem with MAKE
Sat Sep 19 14:52:00 GMT 1998

In a message dated 9/19/98 5:34:10 AM Pacific Daylight Time,

>  type MAKE, I get the following message:
>  (C:\CYGNUS\H-i368-CYGWIN32\BIN\MAKE.EXE 1002)Exception:
>  (C:\CYGNUS\H-i386-CYGWIN32\BIN\MAKE.EXE 1002)Dumping stack trace to
>  MAKE.EXE core.
>  I'm using WIN95 on a 486 notebook
There are several relevant notes in the FAQ's, not all entirely relevant to
W95.  First, under the basic standard W95 installation, do 'cd /;ln -s
$CYGFS/H-i386-cygwin32/bin .'  That seems best if you are unable to install

 Next, install gnu make-3.77.  This works far better than the basic Cygnus
make under W95 and ash (the standard Cygnus sh.exe).  It probably gives up
some CR/LF function.  After you have done ./configure and make in the
make-3.77,   if you have one of the special .exe-compatible versions of
install.exe, such as the one from "Tom's files," ./make install. will replace
make.exe as intended, if you configured for the same directory tree as you
installed cdk.exe.
If your version of W95 allows it, install the USB options.  The FAQ's give
useful information on this. It comes on the CD with OSR2x versions. If you do
this, you can then follow the same procedure as recommended for NT:  undo the
/bin link recommended above; do 'mkdir /bin; cp $CYGFS/H-
i386-cygwin32/bin/bash.exe /bin/sh.exe'.  If you wish to have a pure Unix-
compatible bash, install bash-2.02 or the presumably faster Okhapkin version
of it.  If you ever have to re-install W95, don't forget to Add/Remove USB
first, and re-install USB afterwards.  If you can't, pick the option to over-
write the .VXD files with the old version when given a choice.  This is a
slight pain as some of your Windoze device drivers will latch on to USB and
not come back until USB is running.  As the FAQ's tell you, USB will allow you
to recover from most program faults which otherwise involve rebooting.

Finally (or first, if you are impatient), install the Okhapkin coolview
version of cygwinb19.dll.  Having done all these things, I find W95 performing
make builds as reliably as NT.
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