some unusual errors

Michael Hirmke
Sat Sep 19 14:52:00 GMT 1998

Hi Michael,

>strtod.c:1239: warning: subscript has type `char'
>  This line of code is actually:
>	for(s = s00; isspace(*s); s++)
>  which confuses me. What, if not "char" should isspace() take???

As all is<xxx> functions it takes an *int* or *unsigned char* !

man isspace

       isalnum,  isalpha,  isascii,  isblank,  iscntrl,  isdigit,
       isgraph,  islower,  isprint,  ispunct,  isspace,  isupper,
       isxdigit - character classification routines

       #include <ctype.h>

       int isalnum (int c);
       int isalpha (int c);
       int isascii (int c);
       int isblank (int c);
       int iscntrl (int c);
       int isdigit (int c);
       int isgraph (int c);
       int islower (int c);
       int isprint (int c);
       int ispunct (int c);
       int isspace (int c);
       int isupper (int c);
       int isxdigit (int c);

       These functions check whether c, which must have the value
       of an unsigned char or EOF, falls into a certain character
       class according to the current locale.

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