NT inetd (remote.tar.gz) questions; archive search down

Michael Hirmke mh@mike.franken.de
Sat Sep 19 18:30:00 GMT 1998

Hi Steve,

>1) How is the account of a service determined. I see no reference to it in
>the    service control. Should I create a special account just for inetd?
>Does    this help me control security? Or do I just use the administrators
>account?    I will be up 24x7 so security will be an important issue.

You can create an account, which gives you more control and perhaps
through this more security, too.
But if control and security are no issues, you can use the
Administrators account.

>2) How do I create mount tables for various accounts? Actually what I really

Either login with this account and ...

>   want to know is where is the cygwin mount behavior documented. I have been
>   meaning to figure out how to switch to binary mounts anyway. So far I have

... do the same as you did for your own account.
Or you can go to the registry, export the relevant entries and import
them afterwards when you logged in with a different account. Or you can
even use or alter the global mount entries in
"HKLM/Software/Cygnus Solutions", which are used for all accounts
without separate mount table, if you don't need different tables for
each account.

>   a vanilla install with whatever mount table the install gave me. Since I
>   have only a large C: drive this works but is probably not optimal.

Should be no problem IMHO.

>3) As long as I am asking, where is the documentation for the cygwin32
>   environment variables? I see them mentioned often on this list but I have
>   never seen the doc.

There is no documentation on CYGWIN32, AFAIK, but here we go:

It is not complete, but IMHO better than nothing.

[no]title       - show the name of the actual running program as title
                  of the actual bash window

[no]strip_title - works in conjunction with 'title'.  Strips the path spec
                  from what is displayed in the console title bar when the
                  program is run.

[no]binmode     - Use 'binmode' as the default open mode when the mode is
                  not otherwise specified in the open or by mount.

[no]glob        - Do not perform globbing operations on the command line when
                  a cygwin process is being invoked from a non-cygwin shell.

strace          - A cygwinb19.dll debugging aid.  Setting mask to '1' will
                  cause reams of information about the operation of cygwin
                  to be written to 'file' as cygwin operates.  The rest
                  of the bits control the display various cygwin subsystems.
                  For a complete list check out /usr/include/sys/strace.h.
                  The cache setting controls how much strace output will be
                  held in memory before being output to disk.

[no]tty         - simulate U*ix tty on Win32

ntea            - use extended attributes on Windows NT systems in
                  combination with FAT filesystems

One problem is, that it depends on the version of cygwinb19.dll, which of
the above mentioned values are valid.

>4) Is this the same inetd package that comes with linux. Can I use that doc
>to    figure out configuration issues?

It is a port of the Linux package, but be careful when it comes to OS
specific features.

>Thanks and sorry for cluttering the bandwidth with previously answered
>Steve Morris

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