Egcs 1.1 having trouble with 'typename'?

Michael Hirmke
Sun Sep 20 01:21:00 GMT 1998

Hi Mumit,

>> might be different, but translated from German it is in "Options /
>> Configuration" and is named "Change LF to CR/LF for tar archive" !
>> This is true for WinZip >= 6.2 !
>I distribute .tar.gz, instead of .zip, to avoid such issues. I would
>prefer users to follow instructions and use tar instead. Of course,
>the users who know these features of WinZip are welcome to use it,
>but it's unsupported as far as I'm concerned.

Uhm, the above mentioned option is for *tar*, not *zip* archives !!!
Winzip by default also handles .gz und .tgz files - so if one isn't
aware, that he better should use tar und gzip and only double clicks
your archive, ...


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