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Sun Sep 20 17:56:00 GMT 1998

i make now a summary of the discussion on the x server.
The fifferent choices are :

1/ porting XFree : it's great work because of the direct access to the
hardware. We would have to make it coexist with windows. An advantage of
this approach wouls be a support from the xfree group (or so i suppose).
Another would be good performances if we stand upon the directx library.

2/ porting directly from the x11R6.4 release : it also seems a difficult
task but it is a writing of the server from the example (directory
xc/programs/Xserver/hw/Win32 to create and complete)

3/ porting the xlib to call directly windows gdi calls

4/ porting the vnc server. As it is based on xfree, don't we have to
port directly xfree ?

5/ If the mix code becomes a free one to start with it.

In all cases, there is one volunteer to help use the direct x library.

I think that the first choice is to ask mix because, even if it's not
perfect, it works. But, as i see it, i'd want the server not to do one
window but the number of window that is asked for.

My second choice would be the xfree even with the work because of the
developpers that know it. My last choice, to start from scratch, but
it's the last.

with this summary i hope to see what the best choice is because it means
work and i don't want work that becomes garbage. Thanks to all.


bruno patin
dassault aviation
i speak only in my name

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