Linking with Borland C

Anders Norlander
Mon Sep 21 03:18:00 GMT 1998

Juergen Bausa wrote:
> I am using another gcc-port (rsxnt) where I had no poblem in creating an
> import-library and linking to it (or, using LoadLibrary & GetProcAddress).
> I took the X11-libraries from Sergej, used only the DLL's and Headers and
> created my own Inport-Libraries, which I then linked to my rsxnt-gcc program.
> However, it crashed on every call of an X11-function.
> The real problem is to execute a function in a cygnus-made dll, that
> uses functions like 'malloc'. I think these functions are not correctly
> initialized when the dll is loaded by a non-cygnus program.

That is most certainly true. Some of the cygwin developers should
know more about this. Try searching the mailing list.
Why don't you use cygwin instead of rsxnt?

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