any directx examples?

Tom Stokes
Mon Sep 21 13:10:00 GMT 1998

>i am trying to get Peter Hawkins port of directx 5 to compile; i have been
>using Mumit Khan's EGCS 1.1 for Mingw32, but i have gotten a lot of
>errors... would someone point me to some examples of how to get dsound up
>and working ,w/ gnu c++ compiler, i have looked all over the web and havent
>found a thing... thanx

I got it to work but with some pain. First, you have to create the header
file Peter discusses in his README. In my case, I had to create an
additional header file to eleminate the remaining syntax errors. That part
was strictly fix each error one step at a time. Also this was C. Don't know
about C++.


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