some unusual errors

Stephen Vance
Mon Sep 21 15:22:00 GMT 1998

Michael Richardson wrote:

> I get a lot of warnings like this:
> strtod.c:1239: warning: subscript has type `char'
>   This line of code is actually:
>         for(s = s00; isspace(*s); s++)
>   which confuses me. What, if not "char" should isspace() take???

The reason isspace() and friends are defined this way is that special characters like EOF are not always represented by "char".  The standard
leaves the choice of "signed char" or "unsigned char" as the default "char" as implementation defined.  EOF is usually -1.  If you want 8-bit
chars, -1 maps to an already defined char in either representation, but as an int it is distinct.

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