some unusual errors

Michael Richardson
Mon Sep 21 21:12:00 GMT 1998

>>>>> "Benjamin" == Benjamin Riefenstahl <> writes:
    Benjamin> a) Specification: The <ctype.h> functions all take "int"s in the range 0
    Benjamin> to UCHAR_MAX plus EOF. This is the same range that getc() returns. It is
    Benjamin> *not* the same range as "char", but OTOH "unsigned char" is a subset of
    Benjamin> this range, so with regular strings one usually should cast like this

    Benjamin>         for(s = s00; isspace((unsigned char)*s); s++)

    Benjamin> b) The <ctype.h> functions are usually implemented as macros which look
    Benjamin> up the answers in a static array. I think what the compiler complains
    Benjamin> about is, that you use a (signed) "char" to index into an array
  Then the routines should cast the argument appropriately, or the routines
should be functions and cast things appropriate, or "char" should be by
default unsigned.

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