some unusual errors

Michael Richardson
Mon Sep 21 22:08:00 GMT 1998

>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew O Persico <> writes:

    Matthew> Michael Richardson wrote:
    >> I get a lot of warnings like this:
    >> strtod.c:1239: warning: subscript has type `char'
    >> This line of code is actually:
    >> for(s = s00; isspace(*s); s++)
    >> which confuses me. What, if not "char" should isspace() take???
    Matthew> int. In the bad old days (pre-ANSI) ints and chars swapped positions
    Matthew> more often than Clinton does, apparently. Try this (UNTESTED!)

    Matthew> for(s = s00; isspace((int)*s); s++)

    Matthew> You could have found this out a lot faster from any good 'C' book, esp
    Matthew> K&R. 

  Yes, I understand that. So? Promote the char to int. End of problem. I
shouldn't have to write that cast!

  I don't get this warning on any other system using GCC. (Linux, NetBSD,
Solaris). So I assume that there is something up with either the macro or the 
prototype of isspace() on Cygwin.

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