Problems with Mercury
Mon Sep 21 22:08:00 GMT 1998

Thanks for the information.  I've downloaded the latest egcs from Mumit's 
site, and the Mercury snapshot -rtod-1998-09-18-..  Unfortunately, I didn't 
have time over the weekend to take the next step.  In the meantime, I've 
resolved the CRLF problem with my installation, and I expect that 
everything will go smothly next time!  I'll let you know.

John Velman

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Subject: Re: Problems with Mercury
Author: at mime
Date:    9/18/98 2:15 AM wrote: 
> Has anyone successfully compiled and installed Mercury lately?
     [ other responses sniped out to save bits]
A STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION is a quite common diagnostic which can have 
a range of different causes, and in this particular case I don't think 
the problem was related to the use of fork().
As I said in my previous mail, the problems have been solved in
the lastest snapshot of the Mercury distribution and in the versions 
of egcs/binutils available at Mumit Khan's site.
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