Windows98 + inetutils

Stipe Tolj
Tue Sep 22 06:08:00 GMT 1998

> > yes, it does on NT. But since I'm on an Win98 box, I'm using a patched login.c
> > file in my case.
> >

> that would be a good addition to CygWin.  It add one more feature
> for the poor Win 9X user, previously available only for the NT
> users.
> What Cygnus people think about it?

unfortunatly it is NOT safe for realy using it as remote package. Users have only
access to the machine if authentification is valid, but after that they can do what
ever they want in the file system, i.e. delete system files etc.

I'll be working on a workaround to provide a minimum of security space in this


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