Tue Sep 22 19:41:00 GMT 1998

     Can someone point me to an explanation of how Cygwin handles 
     permissions, and -- specifically -- how I can get root permission?
     I just ran a-foul of trying to configure a package where configure 
     tests to see if it can find the sources by testing for a certain file 
     to be readable.  It turned out that this particluar package had a lot 
     of permissions set to -rw-r-----.    Probably this is the case in a 
     number of directories as well as a lot of files in this directory.
     I could try changing all permissions in all directories with find, but 
     it would be a lot cleaner to be able to do an su like I do on my Linux 
     And by the way, how does Cygwin know what the permisions are, anyhow?  
     It appears that this has little if anything I can find in explorer 
     file properties.
     John Velman
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