gcc produces foo.exe, not foo

Arne Glenstrup panic@diku.dk
Tue Sep 22 19:41:00 GMT 1998


Apologies if this question has been answered many times before, but I
didn't seem to be able to find it in the mailing list archives via the
search function.

The problem is that it seems that when running

  gcc -o foo foo.c

it produces not a file named foo, but a file named foo.exe. This has
caused me problems when writing a Makefile somewhat like

  bar: foo.c
          gcc -o foo foo.c
          mv foo bar

because it complains when trying to mv file foo.

What is the standard way of circumventing this problem? Simply writing

          mv foo.exe bar.exe

is not a full solution, because that is not portable. Is it necessary to
write some autoconf stuff to check what the extension of the executable
resulting from calling gcc is?


-- Arne.

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