cd'ing to a shortcut

Larry Hall
Wed Sep 23 06:47:00 GMT 1998

At 12:47 PM 9/22/98 -0400, Alex P. Madarasz, Jr. wrote:
>Michael Weiser wrote on 20 Sep 98, 17:55 :
>> >> You simply cannot cd into Windows shortcuts because cygwin32 doesn't
>> >> know about .lnk files and their magic. 
>> >
>> >It's too bad they're not so magical -- only the explorer shell knows
>> >about them, not the file system. They're good as far as they go; the
>> >problem is they don't go very far, not even in the Windows world.
>> Jep, agreed. Real softlinks shouldn't be any problem on NTFS...
>Actually, AFAIK only the POSIX layer of NT 4 exposes link features, and ?only 
>for hard links.  NT 5 NTFS supports "reparse points", which sound like they 
>should have all the features needed for Unix-like links.

Hard links are possible under Win32 as well.  Softlinks are also theoretically
possible on NT 4.0 NTFS since fields exist to support this but are currently
not used (this information is second-hand as I have no direct experience in
this regard...)

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