mkfifo and values.h

Joey Mukherjee
Wed Sep 23 15:58:00 GMT 1998

I noticed mkfifo is not currently implemented.  Will it ever be implemented or 
should I look at changing my code?

How about values.h?  Is that not a POSIX sort of header?  Does anyone know a 
replacement for it?  Really the only value I need out of there is MAXFLOAT and 

If anyone saw my other problem about Boolean coming up undefined, searching the 
egcs list helped.  Apparantly, egcs will assign different types to typedefs even 
if they are defined to be the same thing.  <X11/Intrinsic.h> has Boolean defined 
and I had a typedef Boolean char; in my code as well which made it not work.  
Removing my define fixed the problem.  If you ever have weird linking errors, 
maybe this will help you too.


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