More [free] NT: WRONG !! Warning

John vanVlaanderen
Wed Sep 23 18:18:00 GMT 1998

>From microsoft, beta 2, telnet server, vi, nfs, etc. Free,

Well the shitheads @ M$, or is it MK$, just trashed my cygnus install.
A lot got erased from /bin, and dll's are missing as well.

I spent a whole lot of time putting this together.  I hope I can 

It seems to me that there should be a commitment not to use their stuff 
at all.  The above proves it and there is every reason to belive that 
the above negligence will only continue, or is it sabotage ??

Bill Gates has a reputation for that kind of stuff.  IMHO, the best way 
may be to totally work outside of the registry, and use tar.gz files 
only installed by gnutar.  In other words, just be unix inside of these 
NT prison walls.

I am going to think this whole thing over and make some
suggestions after I understand how the dlls and stuff work.

This is not making life easier, give me linux or give me [ a beer ].

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