B19 sh.exe symbolic links problem

Austin David France adf@mentor-systems.com
Wed Sep 23 19:20:00 GMT 1998

The following shell script creates a directory tree, and creates a symbolic
link to the top level directory.  If you cd from within a shell script to
the subdirectory via the symbolic link, it actually only uses the
information in the sybmolic link, it loses the subdirectory part.


	# Setup test case
	mkdir -p /mydir/subdir
	ln -s /mydir /yourdir

	# Reproduce cygwin32.dll bug
	cd /yourdir/subdir
	ls -l /yourdir/subdir

	# Cleanup
	rm /yourdir
	rmdir /mydir/subdir
	rmdir /mydir

The pwd above in my case outputs /e/GnuWin32/mydir not /mydir/subdir as it
should be.  This all works fine in bash.

For the moment, I have moved sh.exe out of the way and linked /bin/sh to

I am using:
	Windows NT 4
	Telnetted via InetD
	binary mounts,
	bash version 2.01.1(2)-release,
	cygwinb19.dll (669150 bytes)

Can anyone else re-produce this problem, or even better does anyone have a
fix for sh.exe?

Austin David France
Mentor Systems plc


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