[ANNOUNCE] gdb and process attach.

Sergey Okhapkin sos@prospect.com.ru
Wed Sep 23 23:42:00 GMT 1998

tjoen@dds.nl wrote:
> > B19 gdb fails to attach to a running process.
> > I've fixed the problem and uploaded modified gdb.exe.
> > Sergey Okhapkin, http://www.lexa.ru/sos
> That is good news! Thanks!

More news - I successfully compiled unix versions (not win32 ports) of tcl, 
tk and tix, and built gdb with X window interface. It's very usefull for 
debugging while telnetting into NT box. If anybody will be interesting in 
that variant of gdb, I'll upload the executable on my web site.

Sergey Okhapkin, http://www.lexa.ru/sos
Moscow, Russia

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