WinZip [Re: Egcs 1.1 having trouble with 'typename'?]

Mumit Khan
Thu Sep 24 19:59:00 GMT 1998

"Matthew O. Persico" <> writes:
> Any version of WinZip 6.3 or greater definitely supports tar.gz out of
> the box. I pull stuff off the net all the time and have unpacked many a
> cygnus-bound tar.gz with this program. If this program doesn't work on a
> tar.gz, the tar.gz is corrupt. If it does not work on many tar.gz from
> many sources, then the user probably diddle with the configureation.

Evidently this thread is one of those that refuse to die. Sigh.

To reiterate my point, I don't *care* what people use to install
packages I distribute; if you install using the method outlined in the
INSTALL file, I'll support it and answer problem reports; if you choose
to use some other tool not distributed as part of the cygwin32 user
tools, you're on your own.

> Again, WinZip 6.3 OUT OF THE BOX, no configuration changes at all - no
> problem in my experience.

Well, others *have* had problems, and I've responded to quite a few. I
don't know what the problem is (dealing with hard links, text mode 
convertion, whatever it may be). Dealing with such non-problems takes 
time away from important things that I could be spending my free time on.


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