DirectX (was Re: server X)
Fri Sep 25 01:22:00 GMT 1998

Alexander Kriegisch wrote:

#I do not know enough about it, so this is more a question than a hint:
#How about DirectX and the like? Is it not designed for granting the
#developer direct hardware access?

As far as I can tell from M'softs' literature, DirectX is *not* designed to 
give direct
hardware access. It appears to be graphics middleware, that is an application 
rely on a certain set of services and capabilities, and a hardware vendor can 
that their driver performs these services in the most optimal way possible, (or 
not - there's
some really lousy driver code out there!).

We keep being told that DirectX will make an appearance in NT, (5.0 perhaps?). 
This being
the case if it provided direct hardware access, wouldn't that break NT's 
security model?

Any other opinions anyone?

Bob Cross.

Disclaimer: My opinions, like my fingerprints, are unique to me.

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