AFS executable problems

Lassi A. Tuura
Fri Sep 25 10:26:00 GMT 1998

|> The same executable, however, will not run when copied onto a
|> Transarc mounted AFS drive. Bash complains that there is "no such
|> file or directory". The permissions (when I do an ls -l) give owner,
|> group and global execute and read permissions. 
|> I get the same results when I build on the AFS drive. The build seems
|> to go fine (just as it does on the NFS drive), so I am at a loss
|> here. 
|> Any ideas?

Revert back to AFS 3.4a/Patch 3 (or 5).  Patch 9 might also work, I have
not yet tried it, but none of the patches above five work.  This has
been so at least for us on NT 4.0 SP3.

BTW, at least patch 3 will fill your event log in approximately three
minutes when you build on AFS (i.e. if run make with lots of files).  It
will create a event notification some five times a second.  And it will
be *really* slow, something like a factor of 20 slower than on local
disk.  I don't know if these two things are related.

Hope this helps,
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