Win95 osr1 vs. osr2

Werner Kliewer
Fri Sep 25 10:26:00 GMT 1998


I just installed the cygnus win32 beta 19.1 environment  on a desktop 
with Win95 OSR1 + a few additional patches, and a laptop with Win95 
OSR2 and most current patches. The OSR2 version seems to be fairly 
stable, but the OSR1 locks up at frequent but somewhat random places.

Is this something I can fix somehow? I have cleaned up the DOS paths 
and set up the PIF paths everywhere I can find, to an equal level, as 
near as I can find. Or is this something inherent in pre OSR2 Win95? Or 
is there a particular Win95 patch that I need? Is there a more recent 
level available that might address this? Or do I need to apply for an 
upgrade to my desktop PC to one of those new ones they are giving out 
now that have OSR2 or even Win98 on them?

Werner Kliewer
Manitoba Public Insurance

"A computer without COBOL and FORTRAN is like a piece of chocolate
cake without ketchup or mustard."               -- John Krueger

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