Timezones and the strftime function.

Scott McCormick smccormi@kgo.csc.com
Fri Sep 25 13:32:00 GMT 1998

The problem I'm having concerns outputting the correct timezone using strftime function.  I'm compiling using g++ and am using a date class to output messages to an error log file.  I would like for the timezone to appear in this string.  According to ANSI C, the timezone can be output through a %Z format.  
I've tried the same compile on SunOS and HPUX and both report out the timezone.  I saw that each had a preset environent variable TZ which stored information regarding the timezone.  Is this done in a different manner for using cyg-win32?  I saw an earlier message regarding prolems with this, but I was wondering if a fix had been developed yet.

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